Our Final Term as Year 5.

Well, it has finally arrived. We have reached our final term as Year 5s!

We have lots of fun things planned for this half term including; our class trip to Lincolnshire Aviation Museum, a trip to see some French theatre, The Rocket Challenge, Sports Day, WestFest, some of us will be going to Whitby and finding out who our teacher for Year 6 will be.

We will be continuing to work on our topic of WWII and continuing to work hard to get our reading, writing and maths ready for Year 6.

We hope you will be able to join us for open afternoon so we can share all the good work we have done this year.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Baker, Mrs Smith and Miss Aisthorpe

Before half term by Megan Friest

Before the half term I did a lot of stuff.On 24 May we had a French afternoon.Idid lots of things.We tasted French foods.I tasted Brie,Camanberg and croissants.Ihad a day learning about WW2.We sang songs,Learned about rationing and different types of shelters.In English I learnt about the story Goodnight Mr.Tom.Iwatched the film which was very sad.In Topic I am learning about WW2. So far I know that Winston Churchill declared war and a lot of other things. I really enjoy school.I have a lot of friends. All the teachers are very helpful.

Codys primary blog

We learnt about the Dunkirk rescues.The Dunkirk rescues started on the 26 of May and ended on 4th July 1940.In science we planted seeds(cress seeds and broad bean seeds).We met ww2 people in the hall for a treat and we learnt how to be a soldier.we raced under barbed wire and grenade throwing into buckets and we sang songs called do in the Lambeth walk Oi!.We do French and ICT with Mrs bates every Monday and Wednesday in the afternoon.We got to plant onion seeds with the ww2 people.


Our class is the classiest class ever we do such fun thing things in our class.
On the 26th may we had a French day to celebrate the battle on Dunkirk beach we also had an awesome lesson about ww2 and we got to crawl under barbadwire and we dance sang a song called Doing’ The Lambeth Walk Oi!!. We also did some planting I can’t believe it’s 32 days until we’re in year 6 leapards class. by Liam 



Half term things we did

We have done a ww2 day and we learned about the war I learned that a British solider only has 5 bullits in their guns.I also learned that the army’s sang songs during the war , rationing continued for an other 10 years after ww2. Then we learned to sing the songs during the war I can remember the doing the lamerth walk OI ! It’s a really good song me and my freinds laugh tour heads of all day. Not short after we started reading GNMT and every time we finished a chapter we watched the chapter of the movie. We watched the end of the film about a week ago and surprisingly nobody cried because when William beech goes back to London he goes to his mum and his mum has had a baby. Then Williams mum finds out that he has been playing with a Jewish boy in little weiwood and williams mum locks William in a cupboard with the baby and the baby dies and William is starving. Our teacher Mrs bakers mother in law came in to western and she darned socks with us then some of us made modals of Anderson shelters and some of us wrote newspaper reports of the rescue of Dunkirk. Then some people did research of the rashoning in ww2. Only 7 days ago we had a French afternoon we tast tested some food I didn’t like everything inliked most things because because it was quasons and chocolate. Some of the cheese was DISCUSTING!!!!!. Some people liked like Mrs smith liked it I can’t name any more but it was kind of  rank. 2 weeks before that we tasted world war 2 food and I was delisouse so we ate it in 2 mins and that was our half term for now bye bye.


Summer Term

Summer term is here – only 15 more weeks before Year 6!

This term the children are continuing to work on improving their writing, maths skills and reading comprehension skills to prepare them for Year 6. They are learning some pretty tricky things in SPaG like relative pronouns and modal verbs.

In topic we will be learning about World War II including a trip to Eden Camp and a World War II workshop. In science we are going to be learning about Living Things and the Habitats.

Children will continue to get homework on a Monday to be returned for Friday and we are now asking that children read at least three times a week.

Mrs Baker

Bake off week

This week we have had a Bake off.

Monday – Miss Rountree did an assembly where she told us that it was Bake Off Week. We were told that we could bake a cake at home to be entered into a competition.

In class on Monday we were told that our class were going to make gingerbread, In the afternoon we designed our own gingerbread shape.

Tuesday-On Tuesday we made our gingerbread, made posters, made food hygiene poster.

Wednesday-On Wednesday we decorated our gingerbread  and finished our posters.

Thursday- On Thursday we went to the hall to look at the cakes and voted for them.

Friday-On Friday we went to assembly and found out who won prizes for their cakes at home.

Year 1-caterpillar cupcakes and chocolate concrete cars

Year 2 -chocolate cheesecake.

Year 3- beach scene and cookies

Year 4-Rainbow cake

year6- chocolate cheesecake

By Megan and Keira T


My Week by Megan Friest

This week we have done lots of things.

Maths-We did 2d shapes and 3d shapes. learnt things about there vertcies,edges and faces.

English-In English we are learn about biography and autobiographys . we also interviewed Mrs.Baker and Mrs.Roberts.

Skills-In skills we did Handwritting and we did questions,Statements,exclamation and commands.

Art-In Art we did Greek pottery and drawed some.

We all enjoy being at school.

Dear Diary.

Yesterday I woke up in a ridiculously trashed school I was confused and I tought where  was I and what had I done?

I walked past a upset lady on the phone. I saw a policeman and I was worried because I thort they  was looking for me.

I fand a wite and try bike so I take it to get away.

Then I went to a site hothouse when I went into the house and then I saw the news report and it said supernatural at a local school.

Then I packed my bag then I went to the back door but  I cud not open it.

So then the policeman arrive at the house and I cud see the shadose in the windoisw.

So I ran to the back door but it was locked so I yousd my powers to get the Ceres so I unlocked it then I ran into the woods.

So I coped running but one of the SWAT Team grabbed me and pushed onto the foor then I cepeld up into a ball and disappear and now one cud find me.


Dear diary

                   After that  igot up and looked the schoolwas horrible and wrecked .  I saw  papers all over the place it was terrible.i was feeling anxious and


                    Then I saw a lady she wasn’t happy she banged the door . She had a yellow cardigan., black trousers blonde hair and blue eyes. I put a hat on. It was cold then i saw a brown police car .

                     Then the police man come out he had black hair, brown eyes. I felt worried because if I was going to get arrested  . I found a bike and I stole it was a maroon colour. I got  the bike and peddled it so fast the cops coudnt  Catch up . Then I went past two runners one wearing a pink set of joggers and pinck hoodie the other a black hair  a black jacket . Finally igot home I dropped the bik and got in and saw the news report  . I started to pack a bag with the things i need . But I saw some shadows  and I got to the door and tried to open it but it was locked.

The police broke in and saw the my place so I used my to get the keys to open the  door. Then I escaped I walked through the forest it was filled with creepy crawlers . Then i saw some lights and I ran so fast .

                Then i bumped into one of the swat and exploded into China